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Naturally Pregnant Despite PCOS and Irregular Periods

Amanda was 36 years old when she came to see me for help with fertility. She had been trying to conceive for 6 months. Even though she had not been trying for all that long, because she had irregular periods and PCOS, she had already been referred to a fertility clinic for IVF. Her greatest concern was the fear that she would not be able to get pregnant at all. She was also very worried that she and her husband would not be able to afford the tens of thousands of dollars required for IVF treatments as her insurance did not cover IVF. A close friend of hers had gotten pregnant after seeing me for fertility acupuncture and she wondered if I could help her too. I explained to her that having PCOS can make it more difficult to conceive, but it did not mean that she absolutely could not have a natural pregnancy. I completed a Natural Fertility Assessment for her and determined that in addition to having PCOS, she fit into the category of deficient fertility and that her body needed support and nourishment. We agreed on a three-month treatment plan, after which she planned to start the IVF process. She had weekly acupuncture treatments, and I recommended a customized herbal formula for her. She enjoyed the treatments, felt relaxed and we talked about mindset and how to handle the stress of having difficulty getting pregnant. She conceived after 6 visits and went on to have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby boy. This approach saved her a significant amount of stress and tens of thousands of dollars in fertility treatments. 

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