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Transition Stage: Trying To Conceive

Many women are frustrated and disappointed by cycle after cycle of trying to get pregnant without success. I offer evaluation and personalized natural fertility plans that optimize your fertility with safe and effective natural strategies including acupuncture, massage, herbs and supplements. You get time-tested treatments and a strategic plan that answers many of your questions about what to eat, how to exercise and how to cope with the challenges of getting pregnant. You can leave behind the confusion and get pregnant with ease and confidence. 

My name is Abigail Thomas and I am a  board certified acupuncturist at Balance Acupuncture in Ithaca, NY and a specialist in fertility acupuncture. I understand the frustration and disappointment that women feel when struggling to conceive. I want you to know that acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine offer a clear and systematic method of optimizing your  natural fertility.  Over my two decades in practice, I have developed a method for helping women to get pregnant, and maintain a healthy body and mind throughout their pregnancy.  I am so passionate about helping women become mothers. So, whether you want to conceive naturally or are also using fertility methods like IVF. ,whether you are trying to conceive for the first time or if you already have children,I want you to know that I am here to help. 

Click the link below and set up a free phone consultation call with me, so you can see if we’re a good fit for me to help you on your journey to realizing your dream of having your baby. I want you to know that you do not have to go through this alone and that I am here to help

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Patient Success Stories

Naturally Pregnant Despite PCOS and Irregular Periods Amanda - 36 years Old

Amanda was 36 years old when she came to see me for help with fertility. She had been trying to conceive for 6 months. Even though she had not been trying for all that long, because she had irregular periods and PCOS, she had already been referred to a fertility clinic for IVF. Her greatest concern was the fear that she would not be able to get pregnant at all. She was also very worried that she and her husband would not be able to afford the tens of thousands of dollars required for IVF treatments as her insurance did not cover IVF. A close friend of hers had gotten pregnant after seeing me for fertility acupuncture and she wondered if I could help her too. I explained to her that having PCOS can make it more difficult to conceive, but it did not mean that she absolutely could not have a natural pregnancy. I completed a Natural Fertility Assessment for her and determined that in addition to having PCOS, she fit into the category of deficient fertility and that her body needed support and nourishment. We agreed on a three-month treatment plan, after which she planned to start the IVF process. She had weekly acupuncture treatments, and I recommended a customized herbal formula for her. She enjoyed the treatments, felt relaxed and we talked about mindset and how to handle the stress of having difficulty getting pregnant. She conceived after 6 visits and went on to have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby boy. This approach saved her a significant amount of stress and tens of thousands of dollars in fertility treatments.

Defying the Odds: 41-Year-Old Achieves Natural Pregnancy With Acupuncture Laura - 41 years old

Laura had just turned 41 when she came to see me for help with fertility. She had been trying to get pregnant for the past year and had been unsuccessful. She and her partner had decided that they would not do medical fertility treatments, like IUI or IVF and wanted to do everything possible to have a baby naturally. Even though she was 41, Laura strongly believed that she could conceive and carry a baby and she wanted to see if acupuncture and herbs could help her. I met with her and completed a Natural Fertility Assessment, in which I identified that Laura was likely still fertile, but she fit in the category of blocked fertility. Before seeing me, Laura had been trying all sorts of supplements and lifestyle changes to help her get pregnant, but she wasn’t sure what was working. We did a complete review of her fertility strategies. I discovered that several of the supplements that she was taking were unnecessary, her recent dietary changes were working against her fertility and that her cycle tracking system was likely inaccurate. I showed her the categories of food that would enhance fertility to her and recommended that she cut out the extra supplements. Finally, we set up a system for her to accurately track her ovulation window and scheduled her acupuncture treatments at key points of her cycle. I created customized herbal formulas for her that also followed the four stages of the cycle. I encouraged her to put her energy into stress reduction and calming her nervous system with simple techniques that she could do at home. She followed our treatment plan carefully and after 6 months, she conceived. Laura and her partner had a healthy baby naturally at age 42.

Transforming Heartache into Joy: 34-Year-Old Triumphs Over Multiple Miscarriages, Finds Renewed Hope and Fertility with 3 Months of Acupuncture Shawna - 34 years old

Shawna was 34 years old when she came to see me for help with her goal of having a baby. She had suffered 3 miscarriages in the past 18 months. She was referred to me by her medical doctor to see if acupuncture could help her to hold her next pregnancy. Her greatest concern was the impact that the miscarriages had on her marriage and her 3-year-old daughter. She explained that, as much as she wanted another child, she was almost afraid to conceive again. When I first met her, I could immediately see how difficult this experience had been for her and her family. I explained to her that our first objective was to use acupuncture to calm her nervous system and help her to heal from the trauma of the miscarriages. Next, I would use my fertility assessment process to identify the underlying cause of her body’s difficulty holding a baby, according to traditional acupuncture theory. While there was no medical cause for her miscarriages, she clearly fit into a category of vital substance deficiency. She had suffered from extreme fatigue during her first pregnancy and was diagnosed with anemia when she was post-partum. She had returned to work after 6 weeks of maternity leave and her job was very physically demanding. She had difficulty sleeping and she often felt anxious, which were clues to help me understand her pattern. Shawna’s initial treatment plan lasted for 12 weeks and included acupuncture, a customized herbal formula and specific nutritional recommendations. During this time, she felt calmer and slept better. By the end of the third month, she felt ready to try to conceive again. She got pregnant within a few months and carried her baby to full term, welcoming a baby girl into their family.

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