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Young Women

Young Women

Many young women are suffering from physical and emotional pain that is related to imbalanced hormones. Anxiety, depression, headaches, back and neck pain, cramps and digestive issues can benefit from treatment with acupuncture and herbs. I offer personalized natural treatment plans for young women. I teach strategies to use at home to help you stop dreading your period, be proactive about pain and feel great in your body again. So you can do you! Play sports, dance, be social, boost your self confidence. Be YOU tiful!

My name is Abigail Thomas and I am a  board certified acupuncturist at Balance Acupuncture in Ithaca, NY. I understand the frustration and disappointment that young women feel when your cycle is all over the place,  it’s like you’re  on a hormonal  roller coaster and you don’t feel like yourself anymore. Whether you are 12 or 25, there are strategies that you can use to relieve pain, regulate your natural hormones and alleviate emotional stress as you move through your cycle each month. 

Click the link below and set up your personal  consultation call with me, so you can see if we’re a good fit for you to help you get your health back on track.  After helping hundreds of young women, I’m confident that I can help you too. So when you’re ready to find out how, the first step is to click the link, and schedule your free phone consultation. 

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Patient Success Stories

Agonizing Pain to Regained Freedom: 16-Year-Old Overcomes Debilitating Periods, Returns to School and Sports Within 3 Months

Ella was a 16-year-old girl who came to me because she was suffering from intense pain during her periods. Her period was also irregular, and she lived in fear of when it might come. When she did get it, she would be out of commission for about two days with severe pain, a very heavy flow and exhaustion. She was missing school and orchestra practice and she had recently quit the volleyball team because she felt overwhelmed by trying to manage her periods and the other things going on in her life. She wanted to know why she was experiencing so much pain and if there was anything that could be done to help her. She had never had acupuncture before, but her mother had had success with using acupuncture to regulate her periods and wanted her to try it. I explained that by stimulating the right acupoints, we could help regulate her cycle and alleviate menstrual pain. Our goal was to regulate her period so that she felt less stressed about the onset of her period and be able to participate normally in school, music, and sports. Ella came for acupuncture for 3 months and experienced significant improvement. Her period stopped coming more than once a month and eventually settled into a regular rhythm. When it did come, she had significantly less pain, which could be addressed with one dose of ibuprofen and her flow leveled out so that it was not so heavy. With a more predictable cycle, a normal flow, and tools to manage cramps, she went back to playing sports, music and having a full teen life.

Unlocking the Secrets of Puberty: 12-Year-Old Conquers Cramps, Pain, and Mood Swings, Discovers the True Magic of Her Changing Body

Cara’s mom brought her to see me when she was 12 years old. She had gotten her first period about 6 months earlier and her mother had noticed a real shift in her mood and overall happiness. Her mom had very difficult periods as a teen and was put on birth control to regulate them at age 14. She wanted to know if there were other options for her daughter. Cara’s periods were still irregular and were accompanied by cramping and feelings of sadness and irritability. She told me that she hated having her period and she felt like her body was mad at her. She wanted to know if it would always be like this for her and what she could do about it. The first thing that I did was to spend time with Cara and her mom talking about what is normal for the first stages of getting your period. They were able to ask all of their questions and together, we made a plan for Cara. I explained that by stimulating the right acupoints, we could help regulate her cycle, alleviate pain and lift her mood. She was very open to acupressure and her mother was interested in learning the acupoints so she could do them for her daughter at home. They agreed to come in for 2 acupuncture visits during the first cycle, and then one visit per cycle after that. After the first 2 treatments, her next cycle was much less painful. I saw her for one more cycle, which came 28 days later and was much less painful. Cara and her mom both said that they felt relieved by this approach to managing menstrual issues.

Conquering PMS Nightmares: 22-Year-Old College Student Finds Relief from Severe Symptoms, Discovers Empowering Tools for Monthly Harmony

Marguerite was 22 years old when she came to see me. She was a college student who suffered from severe PMS each month. She felt irritable and hopeless for about a week before every period. She had tried several medications, including birth control and various depression medications. She was frustrated by taking these medications, which did not change the feelings that she had when she was premenstrual and had side effects that she had to deal with throughout the entire month. She had used acupuncture for headaches in the past and wondered if it would help with her PMS. Marguerite and I talked about her lifestyle, stress level, and the impact of hormones on her sense of well-being. I completed an acupuncture assessment and discovered that Marguerite fit into the category of excess tension and hormonal dysregulation. I explained that acupuncture can help with the hormonal changes that were causing her to feel so unwell around her period. I suggested a plan for her that included acupuncture as well as getting some support from a counselor at her school. She came to each visit and followed the plan that we had laid out. Within the first two cycles of treatment, the length of time that she experienced PMS symptoms decreased from one week to 3 days. In the cycles that followed, it decreased even further, and the intensity also diminished. She felt more and more confident about managing her mood changes around her period. When she left to go home at the end of the semester, she told me that she felt like she had a very solid set of tools for PMS and no longer dreaded the week before her period.

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