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Massage Therapy

Acupuncture and massage are used together to promote recovery in strained or damaged tissues, reduce pain and help you to heal more completely and quickly from injury or to manage chronic conditions like arthritis, migraines and pain related to old injuries. Acupuncture and massage also work together to reduce stress. Because of this, many conditions that are caused by or made worse by stress can be helped by these methods. These may include painful conditions, digestive problems, sleep disorders, emotional issues and symptoms related to pms or menopause.

Relaxation Massage

Young woman receiving relaxing massage

We offer relaxation massage with an experienced therapist. Massage has many benefits including relaxing muscle tension, promoting circulation and calming the nervous system. Relaxation massage helps you to reduce stress levels and feel more at home in your body. 

To connect with our licensed massage Therapist directly, please contact Patricia Gardner at 607-216-7230 or call Balance at 607-274-7520 to schedule an appointment. 


woman looking relaxed and carefree in field of sunflowers

Breathwork is the process of working with a trained coach who helps you to tune in to your breathing as a way of calming the mind and body and gaining information about your body. You can learn where you hold tension and how to reach deeper relaxation. Breathwork can be a helpful strategy for people who are suffering from pain, stress related conditions and emotional tension. Clients may experience similar benefits to those of meditation and relaxation exercises. 

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