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Unleashing the Joy of Mobility: 70-Year-Old Overcomes Arthritis Pain, Reclaims Active Lifestyle and Reconnects with Loved Ones

Elana was in her late 70’s when she came to see me for help with neck pain. She had a long history of neck pain as she spent her career working at a desk and on a computer. She had pain daily and it has been preventing her from engaging in daily activities like housework and gardening. It also made it more difficult for her to travel by car or plane to see her family in another state. Her medical diagnosis was diagnosed as arthritis. It was unrelieved by pain medications and there were no medical treatments available to her but she had worked with a physical therapist at various times over the years. Her biggest fear was that her quality of life was declining, and she said that she felt like her life was getting narrower. She had never had acupuncture before, but she was referred to me by a friend whom I had helped with back pain. I explained that acupuncture can help reduce the level of pain related to her arthritis. I asked her to share some goals with me for activities that she would like to be able to do in both the short and longer term. Elana began an acupuncture treatment plan in March and was able to work in her garden that spring. As her pain level decreased, I recommended that she reconnect with her physical therapist, and we worked together to help Elana increase her tolerance for physical activity so that she was able to go on a vacation with her family that summer. 

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