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Working Mom Reclaims Vitality and Tranquility with Acupuncture

Roxanne was a 38-year-old working mom of 2 young children when she came to see me because she was chronically exhausted. She was a successful corporate professional who was struggling with anxiety and fatigue, especially before her periods. She was married and loved being a mom and a wife, but she told me in our first meeting that she felt like she was falling apart on the inside. She had been working from home during the pandemic with both of her kids also at home. Even though her kids were back in school, and she was back in the office most days, she felt consistently exhausted and she was anxious much of the time. She had tried taking a handful of supplements that were marketed for stress-relief, but none had been helpful. After talking with her for over an hour in our initial meeting, I created a plan for Roxanne that included regular acupuncture and stress management techniques that she could do in less than 15 minutes a day. I did an acupuncture assessment to understand the underlying causes for her fatigue and anxiety. Once I had identified her pattern, I explained that acupuncture could help regulate her hormones and soothe her nervous system to help her settle after a stressful time.  I also reviewed and tailored her vitamin and supplement plan to just two products that matched her constitution. After several sessions of acupuncture on a weekly basis, she reported feeling more relaxed and less overwhelmed during the day. She was still struggling to unwind in the evening, and I offered her more support to help regulate her nervous system at the end of her long days of work and caring for her family. Through this process, she found the balance that she had been missing. She continued to have acupuncture on a regular basis to regulate hormones and calm her nerves. 

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